Free Yoga

LMC Associate Professor, Narin Hassan, is offering free yoga classes for the LMC community. To register for free yoga classes simply visit Tend Yoga and use the code provided for the LMC Community found in the Highlights of the Week Newsletter (HOW) distributed on Mondays by CoLab. Are you a student in the School of LMC (all majors) and do not receive the HOW newsletter? Interested? Please reach out to and we will send you a link to register.

Influences of Yoga

Narin Hassan: While I used to think of my yoga practice as separate from my academic work, the two have become increasingly connected. My yoga practice supports my well-being and productivity and in turn supports the environment I create for students at GT. Yoga practices cultivate awareness and encourage individuals and communities to thrive.

What is it like to take your online livestream yoga class?

Narin Hassan: I’m currently teaching classes on Zoom. All of the classes are open to beginners. My training is in therapeutic, alignment-based yoga and we use props to support and deepen poses. For most classes, you will need a strap/yoga belt (you can use a dog leash, scarf, long belt, or anything like that) and a block and blanket or cushion. Hardcover books can function like blocks.

I usually have a demo so you can see the demo in the poses while I speak and observe students. You can choose to have video on or off. I mute everyone when class begins (but you can always unmute to ask a question if needed). All classes are recorded and you receive the recording for 72 hours once you register, so you can take it live and then retake or go back and view.

Wednesday night (6:30pm) is a gentle/restorative class (perfect for beginners), Monday night (6:30pm) is Level 1 and Sunday morning is Level 1 and 2 (10am). All classes are complimentary for the LMC community and you can take multiple classes.

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