What We Do

Blurb / Gallery Set


We offer a stylish & comfortable studio workspace for our students with access to a wide variety of technologies for all of your creative digital needs: Adobe Creative Suite, Android Studio, IntelliJ, Processing, PyCharm, Unity, and more.


We share individual and class artworks on our gallery walls.

Career Sessions

We offer individualized career sessions to discuss or explore goals and/or review portfolio, resume, and other materials for career and networking purposes.

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Who Can Use The Colab?

School of LMC

Students majoring (and minoring) in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech may drop in during business hours.

What We Offer

Work on creative endeavors and assignments in graphic design, web development, video and photography editing, writing, and more. We also have de-stress materials such as coloring, origami (w/how-to books), watercolors, and yarn! 




How To Get Code Access



Access to the studio is permitted and welcomed during the School of Literature, Media, and Communication’s business hours via colab staff or door code access.


To request the access code, email jillann.hertel@lmc.gatech.edu.


Come Check Us Out

Skiles Building, Suite 340


Contact Information

For questions, reach out to colab@lmc.gatech.edu.