Creative Director

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Jillann Hertel

Jillann Hertel Deltejo founded the CoLab to merge industry expertise with academics in a variety of ways: internships, portfolio studios, for-credit research/projects, staff positions and artist collaborations. Through the CoLab she mentors students, connects with alumni, leads projects, offers portfolio reviews and futures sessions, builds community, fosters creativity campus-wide, and supports and develop initiatives around well-being and the arts.

Our Team

Blurb / Gallery Set

Lab Tech & Ambassador

Marsalis Batts

Major: Literature, Media, & Communication

Threads: Media, Design

UX Design & Social Media Manager

Melanie Chen 

Major: Computational Media

Threads: Media, Interaction Design

Graphic & Web Designer

Michelle Lee

Major: Computer Science

Threads: People, Information Internetworks

Social Media Intern

Nicole Caiati

Major: Literature, Media, & Communication

Threads: Communication, Design

Communications Intern

Charity Dawson

Major: Literature, Media, & Communication

Past Staff

Blurb / Gallery Set

Sarah Engel

2021 - 2023, LMC
Editorial Intern

Zeyna Abdulla

2022, CM

UI/UX Design Intern

Selena Do

2020 - 2022, CM
Lead UX Designer & Social Media Manager

Nethra Rammohan

2020 - 2021, LMC
Communications and Editorial Assistant

Sorabh Gupta

2018 - 2020, CM
Contributor & Lab Tech

Everlin Wang

2018 - 2020, LMC
Lead Designer

Alex Muenchen

2018 - 2019, LMC
Intern & Social Media Manager

Lily Steele

2018 - 2019, LMC
Design Intern

Carter Chase

2016 - 2018, LMC
Designer/Lead Designer

Michelle Chiu

2017 - 2018, CM
Graphic Designer

Thais Diaz

2016 - 2017, LMC
Science and Culture Intern

Jack Mcree

2016 - 2017, LMC
Video Production Intern

Cathy Yang

2016 - 2017, LMC
Lead Designer/Brand Strategist

Jenny Kauffman

2015 - 2016, LMC
Social Media & Marketing Intern

Priscilla Pun

2015 - 2016, CM
Lead Designer/Branding

Madison Steinau

2022 - 2023, LMC
Strategy & Communication Intern

Class-Credit Interns

Blurb / Gallery Set

Rachel Bui

2023, LMC
Social Media Strategist

Isa Cardona

2023, LMC
Social Media Coordinator

Shivaani Komanduri

2023, CM
UI/UX/Visual Designer

Sungeun (Harry) Bae

2021, CM
UX Design Intern

Bontu Gelan

2021, LMC
Visual and User Experience Design Intern

Marissa Truskowski

2020, LMC
Communications Intern

Grace Halverson

2019, DM/LMC
Data Analyst & Strategic Planner

Lauren Moye

2018, LMC
Social Media Specialist

Clare Seymour

2018, LMC
Communications Intern

Darby Fly

2017, LMC
Gallery/Lab Coordinator

Dhanusha Subramani

2017, LMC