Individual Career Sessions

Want One-on-One Guidance and Support While Imagining Your Future Career?

Need some feedback on your portfolio, resume, or other materials for career and networking purposes?

Would you like to explore alternative ideas for how to approach your job search, your passions, and perhaps another view into how different parts of your journey may relate to create something that you haven’t yet dreamed?

In one-on-one meetings colab director Jillann Hertel calls upon her career in industry and academia, her networks, her research, and more to personalize your counseling session to what is needed at an individual level. Career counseling sessions are available to all CM and LMC majors.

Booking Appointments

Portfolio review appointments and general career counseling sessions can be made by directly emailing Jillann Hertel.

*Please include your name, major, and preferred windows of availability such as days and times. You will receive a response with an appointment that meets your schedule.

Blurb / Gallery Set

The CoLab is an excellent resource for students looking for career counseling because of the opportunity to work with Jillann one-on-one.  From my personal experience working with and for Jillann, I have gained personal guidance and tailored recommendations about future plans.  Working for Jillann has also allowed me to further enhance my application of LMC skills in a collaborative, creative environment.

        – Dhanusha S.
            LMC Major

Jillann has a unique ability to merge industry knowledge with educational strategies, giving me some of the most concise, fruitful and astute portfolio guidance that I've ever received.

        – Duane S.
            LMC Major.

Jillann is one of the best things to happen to the Ivan Allen College at Georgia Tech.  She has a level of consideration and support that exceeded my expectations.  No matter the issue, Jillann would promptly aide me in every way she could.  I plan to keep her as a close advisor and resource even after I graduate from Georgia Tech and pursue careers in creative fields.

        – Radhi L.
             LMC Major

I'd had a hard time finding some guidance for the specifics of a Computational Media degree during my time at Georgia Tech, but meeting with Jillann at the CoLab was a very different experience.  There were a lot of people who send you straight to the designated resources and can feel very robotic, but sitting down with Jillann felt like I was working with a coach who was willing to bend the rules, think outside the box, and make sure that I found success.  I'm still in contact with her to this day, working on a writing career and finding jobs that fit the unique opportunities of a Computational Media degree.

        – Colin S.
             CM Major