For Credit

LMC students may earn credits by taking in LMC 4904 for qualifying unpaid internships.

Credits will count as LMC elective or Free elective.

LMC 4904 is pass/fail and requires that you meet Institute regulations on pass/fail credit; 9 credits pass/fail maximum are permitted while at Tech.

To Register for LMC 4904

  • First land the internship. Then have your new supervisor send an email to in order to receive the permit to register for the course.
    • The email should include employment details such as: dates, hours, and title/duties for your internship. Details must be approved as relevant for credit before students receive a permit to register. The time investment will correlate to the number of credits you earn.
    • Rule of thumb: 12-15 hours per week over a typical semester = 3 credits
  • Students must also complete the Information for Internship Partners and Internship Contract.
    • Please review the Internship Contract for LMC 4904 and then email the executed contract itself as attached or email the details in body text to from your email account.

For Paid Internships

Visit The Georgia Tech Career Center to register your internship as professional practice. 


For career preparation tools and inspiration visit LMC’s own Creative/Career Origination Lab in Skiles 340. Book an appointment to meet with LMC’s in-house career counselor (faculty and creative director) Jillann Hertel for one-on-one appointments and portfolio review. 

Questions? Email

Internships Abroad

To learn more about experiencing an internship abroad, visit our toolkit to view campus resources and more.