We give students space and support to grow as creators, to develop their skills, and to prepare and explore career possibilities. We offer a friendly, comfortable, and collaborative environment with peer guides and a professional creative director and lmc-specific career advisor who bridges the transition from student to professional.

We also offer internship and job opportunities to driven students who want hands-on experience in a creative field. Social media interns get marketing experience and learn vital communication skills. Design interns not only hone their artistic and creative skills completing design projects; they get real-world experience negotiating projects with clients and communicating with team members.


Our Studio is a space for students in the School of LMC to work and create. CoLab offers access to a wide variety of technologies for all of your creative digital needs: Adobe Creative Suite, Android Studio, IntelliJ, Processing, PyCharm, Unity, and more!


As featured artists in group exhibitions, students learn how to create gallery-quality works. As exhibition hands, students gain experience displaying work for an audience. As web and graphic designers, students build their portfolios by using their classroom experience to advertise CoLab shows. As marketers and promoters, students learn to communicate exhibition information with social media.

Career Support

Colab director and career advisor Jillann Hertel offers one-on-one career guidance and support for imagining your future career. Jillann also offers portfolio review sessions. Get feedback on your portfolio, resume, or other materials for career and networking purposes.