Spaces To Visit


COLAB: Creative/Career Origination Lab

Skiles 340

Colab offers a friendly, comfortable, and collaborative environment with peer guides and professional portfolio feedback to help students in the School of LMC hone their creative skills, succeed in their creative, academic, and professional endeavors, and develop new career goals, plans, and realities.


Skiles 355

LMCFilms (formally the LMC Video Lab) is a tremendous resource to the entire Georgia Tech community, as it offers full audio/video technical support to any undergraduate or graduate student taking a course across the LMC curriculum. Students are encouraged to visit the LMC Video Lab to reserve video equipment, editing bays, and/or green screen space for class video projects.

DILAC: Digital Interactive Liberal Arts Center

Skiles 318

The Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center (DILAC) promotes new forms of humanistic inquiry through practices of design. Through interdisciplinary projects in research, teaching, and community engagement, they are exploring how emerging forms of digital media and applied digital scholarship can be used to construct arguments, create artefacts, and prototype systems that address the reconfiguration of knowledge and social structures in the digital age.


SciFi Lab

Skiles 349A

Sci Fi Lab is a weekly podcast, former radio program, dedicated to “the best in everything science fiction.” With features including author readings, artist interviews, original dramatic performances, and free-form discussions of issues and events in both science and science fiction across media, the Sci Fi Lab provides Georgia Tech students with an opportunity to explore and participate in science fiction as a living genre.

Four Four Beats Labs

Four Four Beat Labs is a digital pedagogies lab. They design curriculum and produce educational content originated by the influences of popular culture, music, technology, and media.


Located just off the Skiles Courtyard, Poetry@Tech’s goal according to founding Director Thomas Lux is, “to bring poetry to as wide an audience as possible, to recognize poetry for its possibilities in all our lives, and to recognize those involved in the craft of writing poetry — poets as well as spoken word performers, whether accomplished, rising, or beginning — for the artists they are.” Poetry@Tech’s current Director and Bourne Chair in Poetry is the world-famous poet and professor Ilya Kaminsky



COMMLAB: Naugle Communication Center

Clough Commons 447

Trained consultants help undergraduate and graduate students with written projects, multimodal projects, graduate school applications, lab reports, senior design papers, individual and group presentations, poster designs, grant proposals, policy memos, cover letters, resumes and CVs, and much more.

Data Visualization Lab

Crosland Towers, 3rd floor

The Data Visualization Lab offers a wide range of visualization software, tutorials and guides, and research assistants who are available to help.

Multimedia Studio

Crosland Towers, 4th floor

The Multimedia Studio is an open computer lab providing access to Multimedia software from the Adobe Creative Suite to Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools. The lab is staffed by student experts and also provides services and support for large format printing.

GT Sounds

Georgia Tech has a selection of podcasts covering news from AI to the World Cup.