Clubs & Organizations


The Technique

The Technique is Georgia Tech’s newspaper. Interested in writing, photography, sales or design? If so, the Technique has a lot to offer. The staff is comprised entirely of Tech students interested in improving their writing, communication and design skills. The purpose of the Technique is to serve the campus community by providing information, analysis and opinions that reflect the needs and interests of the student body at Georgia Tech.


Erato is Georgia Tech’s journal of arts and literature. They publish poetry, short stories, plays, and other various types of artwork submitted by students and faculty.

They currently publish one magazine each year. Throughout the year, Erato sponsors open-mics and art galleries where students can share their writings and artwork with others. They sponsor art workshops as well.

North Avenue Review

The North Avenue Review (NAR) is the campus’ open forum magazine. Past issues have taken on everything from the Gulf War to local issues, such as sexual assault on campus. NAR has also included stories on and interviews with artists both on campus and in the Atlanta area. NAR is also the guide to everything awesome happening in Atlanta, obscure corners of pop culture, and the best of the mainstream.

3284 Magazine

3484 Magazine is a news magazine focusing primarily on politics and social issues in the Atlanta area. 3484 Magazine dives deeply into policies in Atlanta and Georgia to investigate how they impact real people and Georgia Tech students.


Film and Video

Filmmakers at Georgia Tech

Filmmakers at Georgia Tech is a student organization that focuses on high quality production of shorts and feature films. 


Digital Design and Development

Georgia Tech Design Club

Georgia Tech Design Club is an organization engaging in the practical, theoretical, and cultural usages of design to improve user experiences (UX) through student and industry-led workshops.


VGDEV is a student organization for video game development, welcoming all who are interested in programming, digital illustration, 3D modeling, or storywriting!



GT Creatives

GT Creatives is a student organization that creates a space for all things creative, including fashion, film photography, design, and more.

GT Gourd

Gourd Visual Artists is a group of artists and creators that gather every week to explore the visual arts.