The North Avenue Review Needs You!

Author: Sarah Engel

The North Avenue Review

The North Avenue Review was established in 1989 in response to the Tiananmen Square Protests. Georgia Tech’s open forum magazine is written, edited, and designed by students, for students.

“Our mission is to amplify all voices of the Tech community by providing a platform to share thoughts, opinions, poetry, artwork, or anything in between. NAR accepts all submissions and covers everything from social issues, satires, photography, memes, and more.”

The magazine is composed of three teams: content, layout, and marketing. The content team curates semesterly issues, accepting, submitting, and editing pieces. Layout team members use InDesign to “lay out” the materials in the magazine issue and design art, typography, and graphics. The marketing team, meanwhile, focuses on social media outreach and web design. They are also in charge of event hosting, tabling, distribution, promotion, and networking with the Georgia Tech community. Though NAR members belong primarily to one team, they can also overlap and learn about another aspect of publishing.

In my time at the North Avenue Review, I have contributed articles, designed layouts, and edited countless submissions. This fall, I am excited to serve as the magazine’s content editor. Since the release of our 91st issue (check it out!), we have been in the process of creating our fall issue. The theme is “Out of the Dark Ages: A Gluttonous Renaissance,” marking the return to a more normal lifestyle after quarantines and online classes. If you are at all interested in writing, editing, designing, or marketing, email or submit online!

As a self-proclaimed free-speech magazine, NAR can publish profanity and sensitive topics. That is, as long as the piece won’t cause legal/nonlegal damage to the organization, the Board of Student Publications, and/or the Institute. Everything from political op-eds, movie reviews, abstract poetry, art, and photography are regularly published. Personally, I enjoy writing political and cultural commentaries. You may be familiar with my impassioned article about liberal arts at Georgia Tech in last year’s 30th anniversary issue. Juxtaposed with an article from the Summer of 1998, it evidences the history of the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. “The Politicization of Teen Vogue” and “Where Are All the Manic Pixie Dream Boys?” are two more self-authored pieces coming soon to a magazine rack near you! NAR issues are also available for reading on our website.

The North Avenue Review hosts general meetings every Sunday at 4 PM on Tech Green (Student Publications Office in Flag Building during colder months). Be sure to follow us on social media @northavereview for updates!


This story was written by LMC major, Sarah Engel, for Jillann Hertel’s special topics course, Media for Community Building.

For further inquiries, please contact Senior Academic Professional Jillann Hertel.