Around Campus

Career Center

The Georgia Tech Career Center is a part of the Georgia Tech Office of Undergraduate Education, created by the integration of the Division of Professional Practice (DoPP) and Career Services.

DoPP includes the cooperative education (Co-op) and internship programs in which students can participate while attending Georgia Tech, and Career Services gives them the resources they need to support their searches for full-time employment after graduation, such as help with the exploration, selection, and pursuit of meaningful careers; career counseling; career fairs; seminars; resume writing; interview tips, and more.

Engineering Maker Spaces (open to all students)

Georgia Tech provides spaces and resources just for imagining and creating. The Maker Spaces has access to wood-shops, 3D printers, laser cutters, plasma cutter, function generators, power supplies, and more!

Printing Locations

Where and how to print via the Georgia Tech Library